Sunday, March 7, 2010

Perverse Prevailing Wisdom


In my lifetime I've seen prevailing wisdom that is perverse, but none more than the ubiquitous notion that the Bailouts "had to be this way." From Left to Right we get a constant tripe-pump that we had to do what we did to keep us from falling off the financial cliff.

It's a lie. What we did was keep a ponzi scheme afloat by bailing out the perpetrators. But it's even more outrageous than that - the very victims of the ponzi scheme have mortgaged their very future to bail out the very perpetrators that robbed them blind.

This top-down bailout never needed to happen. It was the single biggest transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top in world history. And the willing corporate media - the same media that pounded it's collective fists on the table over Reagan's "trickle-down" economics, lets Ben Bernanke pull off the largest act of trickle-down in world history and then pronounces him a genius for it. It's literally the bottom of the pyramid bailing out the very top, all so the top can then be kind enough to "extend credit" to the mortgaged-to-the-hilt bottom with their own money!

It's like saying, "Here .. here's another 10 bucks, would you please piss on me again?"

If you include all the bad debt the Fed is buying up, it's now in the tens if trillions. Money conjured up out of thin air on the backs of future taxpayers. All to bail out the very top strata of society that profited from the very scheme they created on the way up.

All could be solved tomorrow. But solving it would involve doing the one thing that the sons of bitches who own the media and the politicians will never let happen. And that is backing out the effects of the housing bubble starting with the victims. And I don't mean this pennies on the dollar refinancing crap. I mean wholesale forgiveness of mortgages to the tune of trillions.

Why is this so bad? Why would that be any more of a moral hazard than what we did? Why is forgiving the very victims of the schemes, relieving them of their debt, any worse morally than relieving those who already pocketed trillions perpetrating the scam? If we're going to print a mountain of money out of thin air, why do we print it and hand it over to banks, why not hand it over to PEOPLE to pay the banks back!

Why? because the sons of bitches who own the politicians won't allow it. Goldman Sachs won't allow it. Citi won't allow it. Bought-and-paid-for Congressmen won't allow it. So now all we've done is print up a mountain of paper to paste over the books of the perpetrators. Setting us up for a far bigger crash.

This is not 1983 where we're poised for an expansion. This is 1930 where we're poised for a greater fall.

Ben Bernake, Tim Geitner, Hank Paulson and Barack Obama are the 4 most despicable criminals in the history of this country. They have sunk our nation completely, and permanently.