Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Madness Insufferable

At a critical moment in history, our government could have chose to bail out the people. But instead, it chose to spend trillions of dollars in borrowed money that the American people are on the hook for, bailing out the very gangsters who got us into the mess. The very gangsters that have the American people by the throat.

And where is the President of the United States? Why he's standing before the UN, making an enemy OUT OF A GAS!

The trace element C02, which we exhale, at these levels (far less than 1% of our atmosphere) could not even cause Global Warming. Not to mention, what we're actually experiencing is GLOBAL COOLING!

Meanwhile bankruptcies and foreclosures are at record levels. Unemployment still rising. And the mainstream financial media and Wall Street economists are looking at a bunch of phony baloney government ginned up numbers and telling us happy days are here again.

We've sewn the seeds of a massive calamity. We had a chance between October 2008 and April 2009 to do what was right. That was our 6 month window. When the people are in the street tearing down this nation, it will have been that 6 month period that sewed the seeds. Our government chose the gangsters over us. And the bought-and-paid-for cheerleaders of the gangsters are telling us "move along, nothing to see here, everything hunky-dory." Meanwhile we sit on the verge of a worldwide meltdown. Nothing less than a loss of the republic is soon at hand.

Only one solution would have worked. All major banks needed to collapse in 2008, followed by massive debt forgiveness, followed by running the banksters out of town on a rail and never letting them back. Instead, we took our very future and used it to bail the sons of bitches out.

And these unbelievable asinine idiots are out there are railing AGAINST A GAS!

It is a madness insufferable. Idiots throwing away our nation on their idiocy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The protesters were in the wrong place

The last thing you want to do is start a protest arms race with the left. They have the best of both worlds - on one hand they have the media, who will always accuse conservative protesters of being a bough and paid for mob, and on the other they have several bought and paid for armies of their own who will show up wherever and whenever, once the email orders hit their in-box. A Sorros, Greenpeace, Huffington, Daily Kos, ACORN, and who knows who else bought and paid for bunch conditioned over the years to show up on command.

The conservatives should have been on Wall Street. It was the banksters that walked away with 2 trillion unaccounted for dollars. It was the Fed, and the banksters who perpetrated the biggest reverse bank robbery in world history.

The protesters should have been in New York, on a weekday. Forming a symbolic human chain around Goldman and the Federal Reserve. Saying to those folks, "You're not going in there to create more bundled derivatives so the American people can get stuck with the bill when the whole thing explodes, so you can get bailed out, and then do it again." Saying to the Fed "You're not going in there to secretly create more generational ponzi schemes that bailout the biggest crooks in history with money borrowed from future generations."

The action was in New York, instead, they go the Mall, the same tired, lame, overused and ignored place that all protesters go. The advocates of single payer healthcare could flood that Mall with twice as many protesters tomorrow if they wanted. Bad move, playing on someone else's turf.

Meanwhile, a protest against the real crooks on Wall Street would have had the liberals hamstrung. What were they going to do, start a counter pro Wall Street demonstration?

You had your moment in the sun Glenn Beck, you'll probably have more, but meanwhile you opened a can of worms against people who have a lot more worms than your side does. But most importantly, they all met to conduct a protest against the vagaries of "government spending," and blew an opportunity to focus with laser-like intensity on the single most obscene and disheartening event of the last 30 years - the bailout of the very crooks who have their foot on the neck of the American people. With zero accountability, Obama has allowed these thieves to walk off with the whole store.

New York is where the action is, what in God's name were you doing in Washington DC?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yes, I too am a matzos ball eating, hook-nosed pot stirrer


For purpose of full disclosure, let me say first that I am full-blooded ethnically Jewish. My mother Ashkenazi and my father Sephardic (both have since passed). Religiously I am a Christian convert.

Now give me a second as that inoculation kicks in ......... OK there ... ready to continue!

For centuries, Old Europe relegated most usurious activity to Jews. Though oddly, most admonitions against usury are found in the Old Testament, whereas in the New, Jesus mentions usury as a natural fact of doing business and nowhere does he particularly rail against it per se. Thus Christians eschewed usury and forced it to the Jews, based on admonitions found in Jewish scriptures. One of many contradictions in that long and stormy relationship.

Thus European Jews played a critical role in the capitalization of those societies that contributed greatly to their economic vitalities. And for their thanks they were paid back with Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice - a parable about the Old Law vs. the New Faith, with Shylock as the embodiment of Jewish cruel-hearted stubborn adherence to the faithless Letter. This fiction centers around the unpleasant response of Shylock, the Jewish financier of three Christian merchant ships that met with tragedy on the seas. Never mind the hundreds of Jewish-financed ships that reality deliverd safely, to the great enrichment and betterment of European society, the public fixated on the mythical ships that fate never delivered, and the A1 SOB response that they came to belive is part of Jewish character.

But these notions are deep-rooted. The idea of "let the Jew do the financing" is ingrained deep in our European-based culture. Very often the hundreds of ships that do arrive safe will get the Jew little more than resentment for his profits, which are perceived as lecherous. But when the ship runs aground, and bankruptcy proceeding begin, the Jew gets it even worse, cast as the money-grubbing hooked-nosed vulture who loves nothing more than to take food from the poor Christian widow's mouth. The ruin of the Christian, the play tells us, is the Jew's delight.

Now fast forward to our Federal Reserve bank created in 1913. This is a horrible, secretive institution, not owned by the people (it is a private corporation paid for by the banks), not Constitutionally provisioned, that has carte blanche powers to control (or influence) our money supply and to set interest rates. And today it is running amok parking trillions of dollars to prop up failed institutions that have fleeced the American people. Indeed our mess traces directly to the Fed, that more than did it's part in making sure ridiculously cheap and never-ending credit blew up a housing bubble. They essentially blew up a housing bubble to try and mitigate the damage of the dot com bubble bursting, instead of letting the system run that crisis through, tough medicine though it would have been. Now the Fed is working overtime applying the same ponzi scheme solutions that got us into this mess - borrowing trillions from future generations to hide losses and sustain the unsustainable. The Fed is a dangerous institution, with powers that unambiguously should not exist. Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution plainly says that Congress shall have the sole authority to "Coin money and regulate the value thereof."

But Congress is more than happy to kick this political football over to the Fed, and turns a blind eye to it's secretive doings.

So where do the Jews come in? Well, most of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve have been Jewish. Most, sometimes all of it's board of governors are Jewish. But when the ships are coming in, everybody likes it this way. It gives them a sense of solidness to have that ancient race of the coin at the helm of this financial ship. But what about when the ships don't come in? Well, that's when everybody starts to "perceive" that when society is in chaos, and matters are getting all churned up, look close enough and you'll see a Jew stirring the pot.

Now my people have undeniably produced many a pot stirrer. Jesus, all his disciples, Einstein, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and many others. Some have stirred for good, some for bad. Whole thought systems, governances, economies, ways of life and theories of all kind have a substantial, if not total, Jewish root. But when the ships run aground, and the people take to the streets, as they may very well do soon right here in US, it won't be long until first the ugliest parts of our culture (which is already happening), then sooner or later the greater parts, start tearing themselves up searching for how we got into such a mess. And like always, standing there with a big wooden spoon will be a Jew, guilty as usual of stirring the pot.

But society delegated that role to him. Utterly abdicated it to him and loved him for it when times were good. And if a Jew has stirred the pot for the worse, how dare we forget all the times when the Jew stirred the pot for the better. And for centuries, we put the spoon in his hand, and made him do the work that Christian culture wouldn't or couldn't. Not to mention many hands are on the spoon, most not remotely Jewish.