Sunday, September 13, 2009

The protesters were in the wrong place

The last thing you want to do is start a protest arms race with the left. They have the best of both worlds - on one hand they have the media, who will always accuse conservative protesters of being a bough and paid for mob, and on the other they have several bought and paid for armies of their own who will show up wherever and whenever, once the email orders hit their in-box. A Sorros, Greenpeace, Huffington, Daily Kos, ACORN, and who knows who else bought and paid for bunch conditioned over the years to show up on command.

The conservatives should have been on Wall Street. It was the banksters that walked away with 2 trillion unaccounted for dollars. It was the Fed, and the banksters who perpetrated the biggest reverse bank robbery in world history.

The protesters should have been in New York, on a weekday. Forming a symbolic human chain around Goldman and the Federal Reserve. Saying to those folks, "You're not going in there to create more bundled derivatives so the American people can get stuck with the bill when the whole thing explodes, so you can get bailed out, and then do it again." Saying to the Fed "You're not going in there to secretly create more generational ponzi schemes that bailout the biggest crooks in history with money borrowed from future generations."

The action was in New York, instead, they go the Mall, the same tired, lame, overused and ignored place that all protesters go. The advocates of single payer healthcare could flood that Mall with twice as many protesters tomorrow if they wanted. Bad move, playing on someone else's turf.

Meanwhile, a protest against the real crooks on Wall Street would have had the liberals hamstrung. What were they going to do, start a counter pro Wall Street demonstration?

You had your moment in the sun Glenn Beck, you'll probably have more, but meanwhile you opened a can of worms against people who have a lot more worms than your side does. But most importantly, they all met to conduct a protest against the vagaries of "government spending," and blew an opportunity to focus with laser-like intensity on the single most obscene and disheartening event of the last 30 years - the bailout of the very crooks who have their foot on the neck of the American people. With zero accountability, Obama has allowed these thieves to walk off with the whole store.

New York is where the action is, what in God's name were you doing in Washington DC?

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