Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chevy Volt: Huge seller, wrong reason

I want to be on the record now as predicting that this car will be a huge seller. So when it goes through the roof, remember these prophetic words.

But it will not go through the roof because it is a good car or a sensible purchase. Like every other thing associated with Barack Obama, it divides, not unites. The car will become the official vehicle of the Left. It will become nothing less than a referendum on Obama. There are millions of Liberals with money that will look at the purchase as something akin to a campaign contribution. Every union big shot and an army of union lobbyists will all buy two. GM plans to produce 10,000 units the first year, my guess is that will be upped to 50,000. Every third car in DC will be a Chevy Volt.

Few will like the car, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is subject to several recalls in the first year alone. But the great post-partisan post-racial post-everything uniter will have given America it's very first partisan car, purchased for political reasons along partisan lines.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Warren Buffett is a criminal

Buffett and Goldman are two peas in the same pod. Both shamelessly stuffing their pockets off of the bailout bubble. This "recovery" we're having is all due to printing. This is not a recovery about production, it's about having more than doubled the money supply in the last year and a half, and pushed tens of trillions over to the same gangsters that caused the mess.

It's about the Fed transferring trillions of toxic everything onto it's balance sheets, bailing out every bankster in sight.

This has created a gigantic market bubble. Another room full of toys for the rich to play in. A big fat Fed provided cookie jar. And it's from this cookie jar that Buffett's been stuffing his pockets. It's not about producing and selling, it's not about revenues, it's about a big fat bailout bubble conjured up out of thin air.

Buffett knows that he's pocketing funny-money, and like a kid who knows he's wrong and is full of shame over his misdeeds, he throws a tantrum in another direction to hide what he' doing. This is why he so vigorously defends Goldman.

Buffett is a moral criminal, pocketing the people's future today. A fat little piggy stuffing himself with bailout cash, while the average American sinks further and further. And the shriveled up old greedy piece of shit knows it, but he doesn't want us to look that way.

If Warren Buffett disappeared tomorrow would it really make a difference? For all his billions, has this money grubbing old bastard ever really inspired anyone? Does this guy ever make anyone feel better about themselves. does he ever really warm a single heart?

Warren Buffett has always been about one thing: Warren Buffett's wallet. And these days his wallet is getting fatter and fatter from the lunatic policies of running the presses night and day to bailout out the rich. Take a look at where the Buffett "recovery" is coming from, it's funny-money, it's that little criminal at the Fed thinking he can print us into prosperity, all while our industry continues to disappear over to China and India, foreclosures rise, bankruptcies soar, unemployment does not abate - it's a phony recover, and that rotten shriveled up piece of shit Buffett is stuffing his pockets with it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nation in Slow Boil


I really see a slow boil developing.

Like what happens in those rinky-dink third world countries when the situation for the average person just keeps getting worse and worse, the whole while State Run Media is pumping "Move along folks .. nothing to see here the great leader has it all figured out."

We have a BLS that adds 75k phantom jobs a month based on a business "birth/death" model that is outdated. We have the only real measure of consumer activity, sales tax receipts to states continuing to plummet, but the media keeps focusing on same-store sales, which are only boosted due to numerous retailers closing. Foreclosures are still soaring, as are bankruptcies. The ADP report which looks at actual payroll data is showing that jobs in the private sector continue to be LOST, not gained. We have a Fed that has pasted over it all by doubling the money supply, and has pushed around tens of trillions over to banks. TARP is actually small compared to the mountain of cash the Fed has printed up and used to "Monetize" bank debt i.e. relieve them of all their bad paper.

We have the biggest transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top in world history under Obama, the lives of real people going down the drain, and a media that keeps telling us not to believe what we actually experience in our lives, believe the garbage from their Green Shoot Pump Machine.

This is all coming to together to slow-boil the nation.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Perverse Prevailing Wisdom


In my lifetime I've seen prevailing wisdom that is perverse, but none more than the ubiquitous notion that the Bailouts "had to be this way." From Left to Right we get a constant tripe-pump that we had to do what we did to keep us from falling off the financial cliff.

It's a lie. What we did was keep a ponzi scheme afloat by bailing out the perpetrators. But it's even more outrageous than that - the very victims of the ponzi scheme have mortgaged their very future to bail out the very perpetrators that robbed them blind.

This top-down bailout never needed to happen. It was the single biggest transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top in world history. And the willing corporate media - the same media that pounded it's collective fists on the table over Reagan's "trickle-down" economics, lets Ben Bernanke pull off the largest act of trickle-down in world history and then pronounces him a genius for it. It's literally the bottom of the pyramid bailing out the very top, all so the top can then be kind enough to "extend credit" to the mortgaged-to-the-hilt bottom with their own money!

It's like saying, "Here .. here's another 10 bucks, would you please piss on me again?"

If you include all the bad debt the Fed is buying up, it's now in the tens if trillions. Money conjured up out of thin air on the backs of future taxpayers. All to bail out the very top strata of society that profited from the very scheme they created on the way up.

All could be solved tomorrow. But solving it would involve doing the one thing that the sons of bitches who own the media and the politicians will never let happen. And that is backing out the effects of the housing bubble starting with the victims. And I don't mean this pennies on the dollar refinancing crap. I mean wholesale forgiveness of mortgages to the tune of trillions.

Why is this so bad? Why would that be any more of a moral hazard than what we did? Why is forgiving the very victims of the schemes, relieving them of their debt, any worse morally than relieving those who already pocketed trillions perpetrating the scam? If we're going to print a mountain of money out of thin air, why do we print it and hand it over to banks, why not hand it over to PEOPLE to pay the banks back!

Why? because the sons of bitches who own the politicians won't allow it. Goldman Sachs won't allow it. Citi won't allow it. Bought-and-paid-for Congressmen won't allow it. So now all we've done is print up a mountain of paper to paste over the books of the perpetrators. Setting us up for a far bigger crash.

This is not 1983 where we're poised for an expansion. This is 1930 where we're poised for a greater fall.

Ben Bernake, Tim Geitner, Hank Paulson and Barack Obama are the 4 most despicable criminals in the history of this country. They have sunk our nation completely, and permanently.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let the People Off the Hook

I read that states are forced each year to reset unemployment taxes on business, and since unemployment funds are exhausted, these taxes in some cases will go up 10 fold. So business will now lay off even more or cut wages.

From every angle this thing is looked at, it's a Death Spiral.

Death Spirals can be halted in their tracks, but it requires the one thing that Modern Day Financial and Political Nobility will not allow to happen: Let the people off the hook.

Trillions in credit card balances, mortgage and refinance debt, consumer debt of all kinds must disappear. And as a nation, we must settle with China now for whatever terms we can get.

If the Nobility would let the people off the hook, we can clear the books and move on. But the Financial and Political Nobility are A1 sons of bitches, who have gotten fat from decades of Serfdom, and they refuse, stubbornly refuse to let the people off the hook, afraid their guts may shrink a bit.

And so we will sink.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Madness Insufferable

At a critical moment in history, our government could have chose to bail out the people. But instead, it chose to spend trillions of dollars in borrowed money that the American people are on the hook for, bailing out the very gangsters who got us into the mess. The very gangsters that have the American people by the throat.

And where is the President of the United States? Why he's standing before the UN, making an enemy OUT OF A GAS!

The trace element C02, which we exhale, at these levels (far less than 1% of our atmosphere) could not even cause Global Warming. Not to mention, what we're actually experiencing is GLOBAL COOLING!

Meanwhile bankruptcies and foreclosures are at record levels. Unemployment still rising. And the mainstream financial media and Wall Street economists are looking at a bunch of phony baloney government ginned up numbers and telling us happy days are here again.

We've sewn the seeds of a massive calamity. We had a chance between October 2008 and April 2009 to do what was right. That was our 6 month window. When the people are in the street tearing down this nation, it will have been that 6 month period that sewed the seeds. Our government chose the gangsters over us. And the bought-and-paid-for cheerleaders of the gangsters are telling us "move along, nothing to see here, everything hunky-dory." Meanwhile we sit on the verge of a worldwide meltdown. Nothing less than a loss of the republic is soon at hand.

Only one solution would have worked. All major banks needed to collapse in 2008, followed by massive debt forgiveness, followed by running the banksters out of town on a rail and never letting them back. Instead, we took our very future and used it to bail the sons of bitches out.

And these unbelievable asinine idiots are out there are railing AGAINST A GAS!

It is a madness insufferable. Idiots throwing away our nation on their idiocy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The protesters were in the wrong place

The last thing you want to do is start a protest arms race with the left. They have the best of both worlds - on one hand they have the media, who will always accuse conservative protesters of being a bough and paid for mob, and on the other they have several bought and paid for armies of their own who will show up wherever and whenever, once the email orders hit their in-box. A Sorros, Greenpeace, Huffington, Daily Kos, ACORN, and who knows who else bought and paid for bunch conditioned over the years to show up on command.

The conservatives should have been on Wall Street. It was the banksters that walked away with 2 trillion unaccounted for dollars. It was the Fed, and the banksters who perpetrated the biggest reverse bank robbery in world history.

The protesters should have been in New York, on a weekday. Forming a symbolic human chain around Goldman and the Federal Reserve. Saying to those folks, "You're not going in there to create more bundled derivatives so the American people can get stuck with the bill when the whole thing explodes, so you can get bailed out, and then do it again." Saying to the Fed "You're not going in there to secretly create more generational ponzi schemes that bailout the biggest crooks in history with money borrowed from future generations."

The action was in New York, instead, they go the Mall, the same tired, lame, overused and ignored place that all protesters go. The advocates of single payer healthcare could flood that Mall with twice as many protesters tomorrow if they wanted. Bad move, playing on someone else's turf.

Meanwhile, a protest against the real crooks on Wall Street would have had the liberals hamstrung. What were they going to do, start a counter pro Wall Street demonstration?

You had your moment in the sun Glenn Beck, you'll probably have more, but meanwhile you opened a can of worms against people who have a lot more worms than your side does. But most importantly, they all met to conduct a protest against the vagaries of "government spending," and blew an opportunity to focus with laser-like intensity on the single most obscene and disheartening event of the last 30 years - the bailout of the very crooks who have their foot on the neck of the American people. With zero accountability, Obama has allowed these thieves to walk off with the whole store.

New York is where the action is, what in God's name were you doing in Washington DC?