Saturday, May 1, 2010

Warren Buffett is a criminal

Buffett and Goldman are two peas in the same pod. Both shamelessly stuffing their pockets off of the bailout bubble. This "recovery" we're having is all due to printing. This is not a recovery about production, it's about having more than doubled the money supply in the last year and a half, and pushed tens of trillions over to the same gangsters that caused the mess.

It's about the Fed transferring trillions of toxic everything onto it's balance sheets, bailing out every bankster in sight.

This has created a gigantic market bubble. Another room full of toys for the rich to play in. A big fat Fed provided cookie jar. And it's from this cookie jar that Buffett's been stuffing his pockets. It's not about producing and selling, it's not about revenues, it's about a big fat bailout bubble conjured up out of thin air.

Buffett knows that he's pocketing funny-money, and like a kid who knows he's wrong and is full of shame over his misdeeds, he throws a tantrum in another direction to hide what he' doing. This is why he so vigorously defends Goldman.

Buffett is a moral criminal, pocketing the people's future today. A fat little piggy stuffing himself with bailout cash, while the average American sinks further and further. And the shriveled up old greedy piece of shit knows it, but he doesn't want us to look that way.

If Warren Buffett disappeared tomorrow would it really make a difference? For all his billions, has this money grubbing old bastard ever really inspired anyone? Does this guy ever make anyone feel better about themselves. does he ever really warm a single heart?

Warren Buffett has always been about one thing: Warren Buffett's wallet. And these days his wallet is getting fatter and fatter from the lunatic policies of running the presses night and day to bailout out the rich. Take a look at where the Buffett "recovery" is coming from, it's funny-money, it's that little criminal at the Fed thinking he can print us into prosperity, all while our industry continues to disappear over to China and India, foreclosures rise, bankruptcies soar, unemployment does not abate - it's a phony recover, and that rotten shriveled up piece of shit Buffett is stuffing his pockets with it.