Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nation in Slow Boil


I really see a slow boil developing.

Like what happens in those rinky-dink third world countries when the situation for the average person just keeps getting worse and worse, the whole while State Run Media is pumping "Move along folks .. nothing to see here the great leader has it all figured out."

We have a BLS that adds 75k phantom jobs a month based on a business "birth/death" model that is outdated. We have the only real measure of consumer activity, sales tax receipts to states continuing to plummet, but the media keeps focusing on same-store sales, which are only boosted due to numerous retailers closing. Foreclosures are still soaring, as are bankruptcies. The ADP report which looks at actual payroll data is showing that jobs in the private sector continue to be LOST, not gained. We have a Fed that has pasted over it all by doubling the money supply, and has pushed around tens of trillions over to banks. TARP is actually small compared to the mountain of cash the Fed has printed up and used to "Monetize" bank debt i.e. relieve them of all their bad paper.

We have the biggest transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top in world history under Obama, the lives of real people going down the drain, and a media that keeps telling us not to believe what we actually experience in our lives, believe the garbage from their Green Shoot Pump Machine.

This is all coming to together to slow-boil the nation.