Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bubble Blowing Ponzi Schemers

The position of Chairman of the Federal Reserve does not violate the letter of the Constitution. But no position in the history of this country has ever done more harm to the Spirit of the Constitution.

One unelected person, with the single-handed ability to sink this country.

Alan Greenspan was fawned over by the financial elite as some sort of subtle sage. When he was never anything more than a fork-tonged rascal. And this rascal shrimp just about sunk us. One man, bending over backwards to insure that the economy blew up a housing and credit bubble so large, that when it burst the shock wave shattered our collective spleens. And now we're reaping the karmic benefits of years of idolatry heaped upon this little rascal, a man who not enough bad things can be said about. Whole websites are devoted to exposing the damage that man caused, and except for the ones that are anti Semitic hate sites - Peace be upon them.

And his successor, Bubble Blowing Ben Bernanke is just as bad. A man engineering a Generational Ponzi Scheme with the markets. Borrowing trillions from future generations in the form of TARP, so that with a wink and a nod, the banks are now laundering that TARP money into the markets through the back door.

The cabal is completed by the media elite, who have masturbated themselves into multiple green-shoot-gasms over it all, hoping to similarly arouse the public.

But the way it's going to explode again isn't even funny. And now, every left-leaning economist, and not a one predicted the bubble bursting to begin with, is saying the recession is over. When in fact it might be, but only because the depression is beginning. They were all wrong then, and they're all wrong now.

After the mess, after the coming food riots (which should begin around Christmas), after the people take to the streets and this crew in Washington has to be disassembled by the American people's bare hands - after all that, we can not allow this position of Chairman of the Federal Reserve to exist. Interest rates will have to be calculated by some formula that takes into account money supply, inflation, GDP, some sort of scientific guesstimate on what the correct rate should be. We need to take it out of the hands of these "subtle geniuses," and get these subtle geniuses forever out of our face. Because they are not geniuses at all, they are some of the most dangerous and damaging people this country has ever seen.

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