Thursday, August 27, 2009

Predictions 9/1/2009 - 3/1/2010

I want to get these on the record now, calling them like I see them.

1. The American economy will recover nicely. The only problem though, is that the American economy is no longer here - we shipped it over to India and China. The fairytale fiasco we have left here will fall off a cliff. Bubble Blowing Ben Bernanke will ponzi around funny-money, keeping the GDP and markets puffed up for a bit, but the whole ponzinomics shell-game will fall on our heads. Look for a big stock market drop by mid-October and food riots by Christmas. Christmas sales will be the worst on record.

2. Very long, bitingly cold Winter in the East. At least 2 big Noreasters. This will make the swine flu particularly bad in the East. It will be bad nationwide, but nothing like 1918. Still, it will make the upcoming flu season about 3 times as deadly.

3. There will be no healthcare bill. We're due for a national "Oops" moment, when it falls on our heads that we're quarreling about healthcare with another Great Depression unfolding all around us. Healthcare will get put on hold.

4. The world will "decouple" from the US. A new world currency will be formed. The US, Britain will have a severe depression, Japan and Russia will a severe recession , Canada, Australia, Germany and France will have a medium-sized recessions, China and India will slow somewhat but maintain growth by expanding their domestic economies. The dollar will be in crisis, near worthless.

5. Widespread civil unrest will take place the second half of 2010 and accelerate in 2011, the next 6 months will lay the groundwork.

6. Look for a Republican "walkout" on Barack Obama at the Jan 20, 2010 State of the Union speech. This will be drummed up as racism by the media, and a cultural explosion will ensue.


  1. It's not a rosy scenario but most likely an accurate one.
    A few weeks ago you put a comment on my blog about the real unemployment rate being over 16%. Did you see that yesterday a Fed official in Atlanta let the truth slip out and said the same thing about 16%? He'll probably be made to retract it once officialdom realizes what he said!

  2. I did see that Sister. A rare tossing of a bone to the people from unlikely quarters.

    The Federal Reserve is an abomination to decency. It's not even officially part of the government, but a privately owned corporation funded by the banks. From it's inception in 1913 to today it has been shadowy and unaccountable.

    It won't even tell us which banks it's giving funny-money to and how much. Recently they lost a decision to make that disclosure in federal court, but of course they're appealing.

    But we know they're funneling trillions to prop up the same banksters who got us into this mess. The banks aren't lending this money, and consumers aren't in the mood to borrow it, but yet it has to flow somewhere. So it's finding it's way into the stock market, creating yet another unsustainable bubble.

    We are an amazing society Sister. Millions of people flock to that claptrap Da Vinci Code, but real conspirators operate right under their noses, pulling them around like puppets, but that they won't see.